Mulhouse Furniture deeply convinced to bring a wealth of new ideas for everyone is essential to build a vogue world. Inspired from the mind of our visionary French designer, Sabran de Dauphinus , each piece showcases likeany other lasting and valuable art persistent in the trend.

Fine furniture created from Mulhouse Furniture constructed from Italian Craft Master, Gabriele Rossi, and inheritance by his artisans team, integrated with top quality woods and superior materials.

Mulhouse Furniture is a brand dedicated to giving the best quality and style it has to offer in luxurious furniture.  All of our products are designer crafted with consumers in mind.  Mulhouse Furniture's goal is to provide the best possible experience when home decorating as well as to provide the best possible end result.

Mulhouse Furniture expansive collection of furniture offers many choices to choose from and come in different styles and colors.  The inspiration for the designs of our beds, headboards, and sofas come from styles of the past coupled with a modern twist.  We pride ourselves on delivering products to aspiring home owners looking for furniture masterfully crafted with the best materials at an unbeatable price.

When you choose Mulhouse Furniture, each of our employees commitment and dedication will be seen in every piece we make. We dedicate every aspect from product, value to furnishing a distinctive atmosphere in your home.